Starbucks Website Used by WiFi Provider to Generate Monero

The value of Bitcoin is increasing rapidly making it almost impossible for most of the world to invest and that is why users are trying to invest or mine other currencies including Monero digital coin which is around USD 265.

Starbucks And CoinHive Code

On December 2nd, a Twitter user Noah Dinkin sent out a screenshot that showed coffee giant Starbucks’ reward site for Argentina was using CoinHive’s code to generate Monero coins by using CPU power of site’s visitors. In this case, Starbucks’ customers.

In his tweet, Dinkin mentioned that the culprit behind this scheme could be the company’s in-store WiFi provider. However, for last few months cybercriminals have been hacking websites to place CoinHive code secretly. In fact, just a few days ago researchers identified more than 5,000 sites that were hijacked to insert CoinHive code yet Starbucks direct involvement is still unclear.

Starbucks is popular for providing free WiFi access to its customers while its reward program lets customers earn reward stars based on the amount of money they spend at Starbucks. But little did the Argentinian customers know that CPU power of their devices was being used to generate Monero coins.

As of now, there has been no response from Starbucks but for customers, the lesson is there is no such thing as “free WiFi.”



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