Rooms in this hotel in Santorini have tunnels which leads to incredible pools!

Rooms in this hotel in Santorini have secret tunnels leading to the most incredible infinity pools Read more: Twitter: | Facebook:

Alongside the glorious weather and Greek food, a major motivating factor for a trip to Santorini comes in the form of a truly incredible pool. In the Dana Villas complex in Firostefani, select rooms and suites have secret tunnels that lead from the bathroom into an outdoor infinity pool with stunning views. Just look at this video by Oded David, showing him casually strolling through his bathroom, swimming through a passage, and emerging to a view of the sunset.

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The hidden pools aren’t a new feature, but having racked up more than 12,000 views on YouTube, Oded has unveiled the wonders of the villas to people all over the world – who we now presume are planning a trip to Santorini. Alongside being extremely cool, the pools are also perfect Instagram fodder. A quick browse of the Dana Villas location tag on Insta shows loads of influencers and bloggers having a paddle in front of mindblowing views.

The pools aren’t the only fancy pants thing about the villas, of course. The rooms also come complete with extra large double beds, hot tubs, balconies, and yacht charters.

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