Man Opens Front Door … Gang of Kittens Demanding To Be Fed

These farm cats can hunt fine on their own but still depend on their human dad for food.

Corey Karmann lives on a farm in Nebraska and every day, he comes home from work to find an army of cats waiting for him at his front door. They want their food!

He brought the cats home to his farm to help with his mouse problem and, in turn, he feeds the cats and keeps them safe. He’s amassed a collection of kitties over time, now having 12 cats that roam between his farm and his dad’s farm 150 yards away.

“(It’s) mostly a run and hunt group, but a few do anything they can to get my attention for a good pet and ear scritches,” Corey told Love Meow. “I pet them regularly.”

The cats stay outdoors mainly, as Corey says they believe they are the owners of the farm. It’s quite clear by how they greet him that they think they’re running things.

This ritual greeting at the door is a daily thing, so Cory decided to film it one day to show everyone. He can hear the cats before he even opens the door, but once he actually opens it, every cat goes wild until they are fed.

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Source: Love Meow

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