Huge Bull Mastiff Kisses Little Girl And Plays Piano To Impress Her

My 3-year-old niece MacKayla is absolutely obsessed with her dog Zoey. She loves chasing her around the house and is always finding her hiding spot under the couch. Zoey may not always enjoy the attention, but she loves her “little sister” unconditionally.

Just like these two, the little girl and giant bull mastiff pup in the video below are as cute as can be. The pair is hanging out on the couchtogether as Dad films.

While most dogs would probably be a little angry that their tail was being stepped on, this bull mastiff isn’t the slightest bit annoyed.

Dad asks the toddler if she wants to “give the doggy a kiss,” and she nods her head with a big smile on her face.

Then, she sneaks up behind the mammoth pooch and sticks her lips out. The dog turns his head and plants a wet one right on her lips!

The bull mastiff goes in for a second kiss, but the little girl giggles and shields her mouth with her hands as she wipes the smooch from her lips. After being denied another kiss, the bull mastiff jumps off the couch.

“Now he’s playing the piano,” Dad says. Though it seems like he was only joking, the giant dog actually jumps up on two legs and puts his front paws on the keys!


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