Bitconnect launches new ICO, BitconnectX

One of the most controversial topic discussed by cryptocommunity in 2017, without a doubt was Bitconnect. Bitconnect “is supposed to be” an open sourced trading platform which claims to provide multiple investment opportunities to its investors, with a guaranteed ROI.

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On Bitconnect, by signing up, investing money into the BitConnect coin (using Bitcoin), and then lending that money to BitConnect, a daily percentage of income can be earned, for a certain period of time, “a completed ponzi scheme”.

Bitconnect just announcement launching of a new ICO, called BitconnectX!

Users of Bitconnect faced the notification on their accounts about new ICO launching on this January 10th, BitconnectX.

Skeptics on YouTube have stated that BitConnect X may be launching to save BitConnect from collapse.

Many traders who didn’t invest on Bitconnect, are willing to responsibly give a try to this ICO.

Join this Reddit discussion to hear latest thoughts for this ICO.

BitConnectX will be a new coin from Bitconnect


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