50 Cent is a Bitcoin millionaire and didn’t even know it

50 Cent is apparently SO rich he forget he earned a cheeky £5 million million pounds. We may be able to find him in da club, but in fact, he can’t find his money..

Or more specifically, he simply let a whole Bitcoin fortune amass while he chilled out and distracted himself doing who know’s what. Rewind to 2014 and the rapper otherwise known as Curtis Jackson, allowed fans to purchase his album Animal Ambition using Bitcoin – a form of cryptocurrency – apparently earning 700 Bitcoin from sales…

But when converted to IRL money, it came to over $400,000 (£285k), which in today’s value has his Bitcoin bank balance hanging around $7 million and $8.5 million (£5m-6m). That’s right, Fiddy was sitting on five million pounds and didn’t even sodding know it..

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